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Being an internet radio station means we can reach customers around the world before they come to the area. This allows them to make plans before they get here. For example if someone is looking for a hotel they most likely won’t wait until they get to West before they book a room so you want to reach those folks before they get here. A lot of people plan their trip to the area weeks or even months before they arrive so if you have a product or service that you think someone should include in their visit to the Yellowstone area, then you want them to include it in their agenda before they get here. Our goal is to provide an avenue of advertising for local businesses and the community that can be heard beyond the 50 mile radius of West.

We feel there is a great need for local radio and our intentions are not to compete with local radio like KWYS, but to reach the audience outside the Yellowstone Area. People have a great interest in what is going on in West Yellowstone and the surrounding area.

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